About James

James Yancey is an entrepreneur that  is committed to helping others achieve their individual goals by providing specialized knowledge, education, and collaboration.  James has often said that his mission is to empower individuals to achieve new levels of financial success and personal freedom.

James focuses on giving his clients value before, during, and after transaction.  This blog is dedicated to providing information of value on mortgages, the financing process, overall personal finance and wealth creation.

When James is not helping mortgage clients he is exploring other business interests including Internet Marketing, and Network Marketing.  This interest has led to the creation of two other websites http://www.jamesyancey.net and http://www.themlmsponsoringformula.com.

James received his formal education at Towson University majoring in Corporate Finance, James then attended The Investor United School of Real Estate, The CMPS Institute, and several other private institutions.  James has held professional licenses in Mortgage Lending and Brokering, Real Estate sales, and Life Insurance.

Outside of work and business James enjoys, playing billiards, the outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.